My Story: Nate, Commodity Manager

„As a Commodity Manager I developed our outsourcing process to minimize risk of disruption to the supply chain and to enable our customers’ supply chain to support our requirements. Additionally, I created a tool to compare price structures.“

Nate’s key role is managing business contract manufacturers and the manufacturing process, developing and maintaining those relationships, and improving the customers‘ supply chain and performance. He has always enjoyed areas with a high degree of ambiguity where he has the ability to take the lead – an engrained trait from his time in the military.

He was given the opportunity to assume the role of Purchasing Manager in addition to his duties as a Commodity Manager where he, among others, developed a proactive, Excel-based tool to identify possible shortages weeks in advance for proactive problem resolution, before manufacturing the product. What attracts him most to his job is that he is given a lot of responsibility and the opportunity to make a significant contribution to the company’s success.



My Life

I earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics at Westpoint United States Army Academy.  I am currently studying for an MBA at Kranner School of Management, Purdue University, which I do in my free time after work. After 5 years of active duty military service as a captain in the US Army, I worked for 3 years in the Financial Industry where I completed CFA levels I and II.

After working in the financial industry, I joined Vecco M&I and then transitioned into the Company  when Veeco was acquired by Bruker, a company which I knew  about from a Service Academy Career Conference. I knew this company would offer me good opportunities to further my career.

When I’m not at work, I enjoy exercising, taking advantage of the beautiful Santa Barbara area or playing guitar and piano.



My Role

My key role is management of business contract manufacturers and the manufacturing process. Additionally, I develop and maintain those important relationships, thereby improving the customers‘ supply chain and performance. I am also responsible for our AFMI business unit (antiferromagnetic insulators) and most outsourcing activities in AFMI, Staff Software Engineering (SOM) and Tribology & Mechanical Testing units.

When I began at Bruker in 2010, I successfully transferred around 25% of our inventory to an outsourced supplier and saved the company significant amounts of money, which can now be spent on new product development. Later I was given the opportunity to assume the role of Purchasing Manager, in addition to my duties as Commodity Manager, where I oversaw purchasing for our Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), SOM and probes divisions.  In this role, I changed the purchasing methodology in AFM to significantly reduce both shortages and inventory levels.