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D8 QUEST ECO - ECOfriendly, ECOperformance와 ECOomical

D8 QUEST ECO는 빠른 3D 구조를 제공하고 NMR 및 질량 분광학을 보완하여 모든 서비스 결정학을 가능하게 하는 모든 기능을 갖춘 사용하기 쉬운 연구 장비입니다. D8 QUEST ECO 화학 결정학 X선 시스템은 최신 광자 계수 CPAD 검출기로 고속 데이터 수집이 가능하여 우수한 데이터 품질과 전례 없는 데이터 수집 효율성을 보장합니다.

D8 QUEST ECO는 다른 소스, 감지기 및 액세서리와 함께 업그레이드할 수 있으므로 연구와 함께 기기를 확장할 수 있습니다.

  • 조정 가능한 2세타 및 거리 범위가 있는 PHOTON III 대면적 광자 계수 검출기
  • 효율적인 기하학을 가진 FIXED-CHI 고정밀 측각계
  • 단상 전원에서 작동하는 긴 수명의 밀봉된 튜브 X선 소스
  • 외부 수냉식 및 실험실 인프라에 대한 특별한 요구 사항 없음
  • 고급 TUEV 인증 안전 인클로저
  • APEX4 - 화학 결정학을 위한 가장 포괄적인 소프트웨어 제품군
  • 완전 자동화된 결정 구조 결정을 위한 STRUCTURE NOW 소프트웨어


Synthetic chemistry

Many molecules essential to modern life need to be synthesized in the laboratory and designed for specific functions. The precise connectivity of atoms and their orientation in three dimensions dictates these functions. Crystallography is the only method that unambiguously determines the absolute structure of molecules and is key to successful synthetic chemistry.

Inorganic chemistry

The broad scope of research in inorganic chemistry produces a huge variety of new reaction products. Crystallography is a fast and convenient method to confirm the atomic composition and connectivity of these compounds. Inorganic chemistry departments around the world take advantage of the versatility of crystallography to drive research across the entire field.

Materials sciences

Modern society increasingly demands new materials to drive development in a sustainable manner. New energy storage materials, reducing air pollution, water conservation, new electronics devices – all of these fields rely on a detailed structural understanding of the underlying chemistry.

Geological sciences

With just a few exceptions, minerals are natural occurring crystals and the geological world is mostly a crystalline world. Crystallography is widely used to quickly and accurately characterize the mineral components of geological samples. Knowing the chemical structure of minerals helps geochemists to understand their role in large-scale geological processes and sheds new light on the sustainable use of natural resources.

Industrial chemistry

Whether you work in specialty chemicals, energy, plastics, agrochemicals or any other segment, the industry is getting more complex, increasing the drive for the development of more advanced chemicals. Absolute structures determined by crystallography are essential for polymorph analysis, catalysis research, and increasingly in the development of sustainable polymers.

Pharmaceutical sciences

Whether you are researching new active pharmaceutical ingredients or developing solid state formulations, crystallography provides answers critical to your success. Absolute configuration is essential to the development and certification of new active pharmaceutical ingredients. Crystallography further provides a complete description of unit cell packing required for optimizing the solid form drug being a high-resolution complement to routine powder X-Ray diffraction.

Energy storage and battery research

Metal-ion batteries are key enablers in today’s transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy with ingeniously designed materials being the technology driver. Crystallography plays a crucial role in understanding how to wisely manipulate atoms to build attractive structural frameworks of better electrodes and electrolytes for the next generation of batteries.


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  •  웹 기반 원격 장치 서비스로 서비스 진단 및 애플리케이션을 지원
  • 통합 현실 지원 – 당신의 곁의 가상 엔지니어 (동영상)
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  • 통상 하루 또는 국제 표준 근무일 기준 수일 내 수리 부품 조달 
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