NMR Automation

Fourier Sample Changer

It may be small…but it is mighty


The Fourier 80 can be operated with an industry standard, state-of-the-art PAL RSI sample robot, making NMR spectroscopy easier and faster than ever.


With 60 sample positions, the Fourier 80 can now be run continuously all day, overnight, or even over a weekend. To maximize efficiency, the PAL RSI sample robot can be upgraded to a total of 132 sample positions allowing for 24/7 operation of the Fourier 80 with minimal hands-on time.


Since the samples are stored in racks, open shop access is possible, meaning multiple labs can share one Fourier 80.

This results in more results… faster.

Key Benefits

  •  Robust and reliable
  • High sample-throughput
  • Non-expert operation
  • Flexibility