Multimodal Product Family Cradles (MMPF)

MMPF animal cradles are designed for easy setup and workflow. Connections for animal monitoring, anesthesia and warming are interfaced to the main instrument through a one quick-lock connector. Animal cradles in different sizes are available for mice, rats and for multi-mouse imaging of up to 4 mice.

MMPF animal cradles are designed for use with all instruments using the high precision Animal Transport System (ATS). System-specific adapters are also available for a range of Bruker imaging instruments not equipped with an ATS (e.g., MRI instruments equipped with AutoPac/ManPac or Magnet Table with manual sliding system).

Three main types of animal cradles are available:

  • Closed cradles (various diameters)
  • Open cradle with inlays for mouse and rat for use with MRI surface coils
  • Multi-Mouse Cradles for simultaneous imaging of 3 or 4 mice


  • Quick-lock connection for rapid transfer between instruments or animal preparation station
  • Connections for anesthesia & waste anesthesia gas (WAG) removal, animal monitoring and warming established automatically once the cradle is connected
  • Cradles designed for low PET attenuation for highest quality PET data
  • Cradle attenuation maps provided for highest quality PET/MR data
  • Catheter ports for easy contrast agent or tracer injection, e.g., for kinetic imaging studies
  • Waste anesthesia gas (WAG) removal directly at nose cone
  • 3D CAD drawings of the connector interface enable users to design custom animal cradles
  • Animal cradle preparation station available

MMPF Animal Cradle Preparation Station

The quick-lock tabletop adapter preparation station for MMPF animal cradles is available to allow easy preparation of the animal and supervision of the next animal prior to imaging or while an instrument is still in use.