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2018, 8월 19일

ACS Fall 2018

Boston, MA, USA - American Chemical Society

2018, 8월 20일

4th International Conference on SPM 2018

Leuven, Belgium

2018, 8월 21일

SPIE Optics & Photonics

San Diego, CA, USA

2018, 8월 21일

Workshop at ACS

Bruker Free Workshop "Near Infrared to THz Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis"

2018, 8월 22일

European Crystallographic Meeting

Oviedo, Spain - ECM

2018, 8월 24일

ICBC 2018

Chengdu, China - 16th Chinese Biophysics Congress

2018, 8월 25일

Bruker and Incoatec Seminar @ ECM

Oviedo, Spain

2018, 8월 26일

AOAC International

Toronto, ON, Canada - Annual Meeting & Exposition, Booth 215/217

2018, 8월 26일

GA Shanghai 2018

Shanghai, China - 66th International Congress and Annual Meeting of the Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product ...

2018, 8월 26일

TIAFT 2018

Ghent, Belgium

2018, 8월 26일

15th Conference on Near Fields Optics

Troyes, France

2018, 8월 26일

IMSC 2018

Florence, Italy

2018, 8월 26일

Nordic Metabolomics Conference

Örebro, Sweden - 1st Nordic Metabolomics Conference