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Analytical Power Reduces Time to Market

Biotherapeutics are on the rise, recording double digit growth, and are predicted to represent more than 50% of the pharmaceutical pipeline in 2022. Bruker is uniquely positioned to tackle the complexity of biologics and biosimilars structures and their characterization. With a wide variety of techniques, method and applications, we deliver complementary data that enhances overall knowledge of the biotherapeutic and aids decision-making. These applications range from higher order structure fingerprinting, potency, intact mass and post-translational modification determination, moisture and aggregation analysis, bioproduction analytics, impurity profiling and shelf-life.

As technology leaders in MS, NMR and vibrational spectroscopy, Bruker’s instrumentation provides the superior data needed to reduce trials, risks, and time to market.  Bruker supports biologics and biosimilar manufacturers to confidently gain crucial structural insights and knowledge about their drug candidates, enabling timely and cost-effective discovery, development, and production of tomorrow’s medicines.