Bruker Announces Merger of Japan Subsidiaries

YOKOHAMA, Japan - January 2018 - Bruker Corporation announces the merger of its subsidiaries in Japan as of January 1st. Bruker Daltonics K.K., Bruker Optics K.K., and Bruker AXS K.K. have merged with Bruker BioSpin K.K., and the surviving company has been renamed to Bruker Japan K.K.

In addition to the consolidation of legal entities, Bruker has streamlined its order management processes. The rationalization of steps and improved internal communication interfaces throughout the process chain will benefit our customers as well. 

This restructuring is primarily to strengthen and streamline the Bruker internal structure in Japan without impacting any business or contractual obligations. There will be no impact on performance of any contractual agreements nor will there be a change to Bruker contacts in Japan.

Bruker Japan K.K. continues to support and provide all their services as has been done in the past with the benefit of one consistent way of serving our customers.