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Webinar Recording: Tribology 101 – Characterizing the Tribo-system and Defining the Tribo-test

Learn the key elements of the tribo-system and how to design a tribo-test
Presented by Steven Shaffer, Ph.D., Global Senior Application Scientist, Bruker (February 22, 2019)


[00:00:53] Elements of the Tribosystem

[00:10:20] Tribotest applications and important parameters in specific areas:

  • [00:12:36] Weel on Rail: Railroad and Overhead
  • [00:23:27] Brake and Clutch Materials: COF and Wear
  • [00:31:13] Hydrodynamic Bearing: Lubricant Viscosity Characteristics
  • [00:35:36] Journal Bearing: Boundary Lubricant Characteristics
  • [00:39:53] Abrasion-Resistant Coating: Anti-Scratch coating for glass
  • [00:43:38] Low Friction Coating: Action Components for Lubricant-Free Machine Gun
  • [00:50:02] Prosthetic Hip: Wear Rate and COF

[00:58:10] Q&A