X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) Online Seminar

Cost efficient Production from Crude Oil to Fuels and Lubricants

Fast Quality Control by Elemental Analysis!

Watch the Recording of the Online Seminar!

Precise and fast elemental analysis is mandatory in today’s petrochemical industry to keep up with ever intensifying regulations and to reduce costs.

In this 60-min online seminar Bruker covers key X-ray fluorescence (XRF) applications performed at

  • refineries,
  • tank terminals,
  • lubricant manufacturers,
  • contract labs,
  • and more.

Our speakers inform about the actual norm compliant analysis of sulfur at various process stages and in final fuel products (e.g., ASTM D2622, D7220, ISO 20884). Another important application of XRF is the analysis of additives in lubricants and of wear metals in used engine oils (e.g., ASTM D6443, DIN 51399), to ensure high performance quality products.

During two dedicated live-from-the-lab sessions our application specialist demonstrate our benchtop XRF analyzer in action. 


Who should attend?

The content of the seminar is suitable for both, people new to XRF as well as petrochemical experts who want to learn more about today’s capabilities of elemental analysis. The seminar is of particular interest for

  • Head of Laboratories
  • Lab Technicians
  • QA Managers