Quantitative line scan

The ESPRIT software suite offers both qualitative and quantitative line scan options.



Ultra-fast line scan with spectra data base:

  • Line profiling for any number of elements or ROIs (energy ranges)
  • Arbitrary selection of scan line position, length, and angle using preview image
  • High resolution, high speed scan (>100 000 points/s)
  • Multiple scans with data accumulation for reduction of sample stress
  • Manual start and stop or preselected acquisition time
  • Spectral database containing all sample points, can be stored to disk an reprocessed at any time
  • Selection of elements prior, during, or after line scan acquisition
  • Filter and display options for result presentation and graphics export.



Quantitative evaluation of line scan spectra data base:

  • Standardless quantitative analysis for all sample points including deconvolution and matrix correction
  • Automatic element identification and predefined or interactively optimized evaluation strategies
  • Spectral data base for all sample points can be stored to disk and reprocessed at any time
  • Versatile result formatting
  • Filter and display options for result presentation and graphics export
  • ASCII and Excel® format export of line profile data