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Accurate analysis of regulated elements in polymers with the S8 TIGER

ROHS-QUANT is the powerful analytical solution designed specifically for the fast quantitative screening of the five RoHS regulated elements Cr, Hg, Pb, Br and Cd in a variety of polymers from electrical and electronic equipment. ROHS-QUANT is developed exclusively for the Bruker AXS spectrometer S8 TIGER.

ROHS-QUANT frees the user from the very time-consuming set up of own applications for the ROHS compliance screening and the expensive preparation of specific standard samples. ROHS-QUANT in combination with the standardless calibration enables the user to fully characterize the samples. RoHS-QUANT works also as a toolbox for the setup of specific own application for ROHS.

ROHS-QUANT offers:

  • an optimized sample preparation procedure. Simple to use with sample preparation accessories (films, balance, spatulas, cups)
  • preinstalled settings optimized for the fast quantitative RoHS screening (measurement parameters, line and background settings, methods...)