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Next generation multiplexing
Next generation multiplexing

LiquidArray® pioneering multiplex technology

Next generation multiplexing
The next generation of infectious disease diagnostics on the FluoroCycler® XT – Bruker’s high-performance thermocycler
Clinical applications
CE-IVD assays powered by LiquidArray® for mycobacteria, sexually transmitted infections (STI) and gastrointestinal infections
Results at a glance
Automated results interpretation by FluoroSoftware® XT-IVD provides user-friendly, easy-to-interpret reporting
Syndromic panels
Next generation multiplex testing for comprehensive coverage of STI and gastrointestinal infections

Next generation multiplexing with LiquidArray®

LiquidArray® is a novel method for microbiological detection that uses innovative probe and thermocycling technologies, in conjunction with at-a-glance software read-outs, to realize the full potential of the multiplexing capability of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). ​

The power of LiquidArray® is underpinned by the unique features of the FluoroCycler® XT – Bruker’s high-performance thermocycler:​

  • Exceptional well-to-well thermal precision​
  • Outstanding optical alignment​
  • Integrated FluoroSoftware® XT-IVD​

With high-precision temperature control, assays can be designed with a significantly higher number of targets per optical channel compared with traditional real-time PCR tests. The optical alignment of the FluoroCycler® XT minimises cross-talk and eliminates the need for colour compensation, allowing all five optical channels to be fully utilized. Assays are designed using ‘linear after exponential PCR’ and ‘Lights ON/Lights OFF’ probes to produce unique fluorescence signatures. The integrated software automatically analyses the assay and provides interpreted results at a glance in a familiar, easy to use format.​

LiquidArray® brings next generation multiplexing to the routine clinical microbiology laboratory for infectious disease diagnostics in the areas of mycobacteria and resistance detection and differentiation, and syndromic panels for gastrointestinal and sexually transmitted infections. High-quality workflows are offered with compatible nucleic acid extraction from patient sample to result. ​

Clinical applications of LiquidArray®

Infectious disease diagnostics assays that are powered by LiquidArray® provide comprehensive coverage with next generation multiplexing in a familiar PCR-based workflow - each are developed with compatible nucleic acid extraction providing a streamlined solution from patient sample to results at a glance.

Optimize gastrointestinal testing

LiquidArray® Gastrointestinal is a syndromic panel covering up to 26 pathogens in a two-well format. The assay covers bacteria, viruses, parasites and pathogen-associated toxins in a single workflow, which is fully validated from stool sample to results at a glance. Nucleic acid extraction and PCR setup is automated with the GenoXtract® fleXT, which is suitable for streamlining high-throughput gastrointestinal testing. ​

Syndromic panel for sexually transmitted infections​

FluoroType® STI is a syndromic panel for the most common bacterial and parasitic STI-causing pathogens. Powered by LiquidArray®, the assay detects 7 pathogens – incorporating dual gene detection of Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae – in a single tube multiplex format. ​

Detect resistances in Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex, and differentiate nontuberculous mycobacteria ​

Three assays in Bruker’s mycobacteria portfolio exploit the next generation multiplexing capability of LiquidArray®. FluoroType® MTBDR 2.0 is a World Health Organisation endorsed test for M. tuberculosis complex and its resistances to rifampicin and isoniazid from patient samples (sputum) or culture. LiquidArray® MTB-XDR VER 1.0 detects M. tuberculosis complex and its resistances to five WHO-recommended second-line drugs, including moxifloxacin and linezolid. FluoroType® Mycobacteria detects and differentiates 32 clinically relevant non-tuberculous mycobacteria and M. tuberculosis complex in a single test from positive culture.​


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