Preclinical Imaging

Welcome to the Bruker PCI Community

The PCI Community (PCIC)

The PCI Community (PCIC) homepage is dedicated to the community of Preclinical users of MRI, NMI and micro-CT imaging modalities. It provides a collection of application materials and many practical tips and tricks for both novice & experienced users. Users new to Bruker systems will find a specific section to help them called Getting Started.

The Learning Material Page of the PCIC Homepage hosts:

  • PCI Video Tutorials
  • Application Notes
  • Webinars
  • Information about the PCI training courses
The Learning Material Page

PCIC Forum

Example posts on the PCIC Forum. Posts already range from helpful links for free trainings to customer-developed sequences/post-processing tools.

The PCIC homepage further connects to the PCIC Forum which aims at facilitating peer-to-peer
exchange of practical information and experience among users around the world.

Who: From novices to experts, all are welcome to join. The PCIC page and forum aims to
provide information, exchange, and application materials that help all PCI researchers.

How much: The PCIC homepage and forum can be joined for free. Simply register via the link
provided above.

Example posts on the PCIC Forum