Class leading Spectrometer for all environments

The compact and lightweight features of the instrument enable superior mobility for the user. At just 37Kg the unit has an unrivalled 43 litres volume.

The detection limits are from low ppb to the low ppm range depending on the analytical procedure - adsorbent enrichment (low ppb range) & on-line monitoring (1 ppm range) from ambient air.

The proven technology combined with high build quality and new innovations such as the novel vacuum system have optimised performance and reliability making E²M the market leader in its class.

E²M Features

  • Next Generation quadrupole Mass Spectrometer with membrane inlet.
  • Specifically designed with first responders, safety and security in mind.
  • Spectra libraries of up to 150,000 different compounds
  • Fully ruggedised for mobile or on site use.