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Key Features

  • Up to 150 TB HDD RAID storage
  • 10 Gbit/s LAN
  • 2 × 14-core Intel Xeon CPUs
  • 3 × GeForce GTX1080 GPUs
  • 256 GB RAM

Product Overview

Cutting-edge biological imaging like light-sheet microscopy, but also super-resolution or two-photon imaging, generates a vast amount of data required to provide researchers with all the relevant information about their samples. However, storage, transfer, and processing of the data remains a challenge.

Lux DATA is a comprehensive data processing and storage solution, designed to effectively handle the vast amount of data generated by (not only) light-sheet fluorescence imaging. It boosts productivity by relieving from the need to wait for data transfers and to constantly duplicate or move data sets in processing and analysis workflows. Lux DATA enables fast data transfer even during acquisition and large-capacity storage as well as remote access and high-performance processing of multi-dimensional image data, leveraging multi-core- and multi-GPU-based computation. The Lux DATA approach perfectly complements image acquisition with Luxendo SPIM microscopes – it enables all subsequent steps and saves time and money.

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