Multi-Photon Microscopy for In Vitro Preparations

Flexible architecture to meet application requirements and future upgrades

Ultima In Vitro is the ultimate “slice rig”, having provided the platform on which leading scientists have conducted breakthrough experiments in brain slices related to neural signaling and neural networks for more than ten years.

Simultaneous imaging, electrophysiology and uncaging/photostimulation provides a complete stimulus/recording environment for today's neuroscientist. A system that works out of the box, and yet provides the flexibility for the most demanding protocols means Ultima will be your work horse system for years.

Prairie View Software

Bruker's proprietary imaging software provides turnkey operation for imaging as well as synchronizing the Ultima system with external stimulus and experimental control devices.

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  • Secondary scan path enables simultaneous imaging and photostimulation
  • Visible, UV, and IR inputs for photostimulation
  • Sub-micron positioning control for point photoactivation
  • Sub-millisecond spirals for somal actiavtion
  • Synchronization and triggering to enable simultaneous imaging, photostimulation, and electrophysiology
  • Integrated electrophysiology control and recording with up to 16 analog outputs/inputs


We offer several options for the InVitro Multiphoton Microscopes.

Biological Models

Ultima In Vitro is compatible with many different biological models, including:

  • Brain slices
  • Excised tissue
  • Cell cultures
  • Invertebrates

In Vitro Applications

Ultima In Vitro is well suited to a variety of scientific applications including:

  • Neuronal signaling
  • Tissue structural changes
  • Protein transport
  • Intracellular ion dynamics