AN M153 EN

Reliable Identification of Microplastics of any Dimension, on any Filter

By definition, microplastic particles (MPPs) are polymer particles with a size of 5,000 to 1 μm. They consist of, microscopic polymer beads from cosmetics and personal care products, the abrasions of macroscopic objects such as plastic bottles, synthetic textiles and car tires, or plastic waste introduced into the environment.

FTIR microscopy is a straightforward solution for the demanding task of analyzing microplastics of any size on virtually all filter substrates and even in complex matrices such as sediments. With the fully automated FTIR microscope LUMOS, particles with a size of up to 5 μm can be easily localized and subsequently measured. ATR-FTIR microscopy is extremely simple, reliably delivering data of the highest quality.

Want to know more? Download our application note on the reliable analysis of microplastics.