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μCT for the Pharmaceutical Industries

From R&D to Production, Inspection and Failure Analysis

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Tablet Development & Ramp-up

Save Time and Money

Development of a new product or process can be a time consuming and costly endeavor. μCT can accelerate timeto- market by providing immediate feedback on a product’s internal structure, identifying discrepancies between the expected result and the actual outcome.

μCT provides insight into key factors such as compressive force, vacuum strength, mixing ratio, and much more.

Packaging and Sealing

Ensure Product Integrity

Package and seal integrity for injectable drugs can be just as critical as the drug formulation itself. Poor seals can allow moisture to enter the container, changing the stability of the drug and causing a decrease in efficacy. In worst-case scenarios, the patient can be exposed to contaminants or microbes resulting in a major illness or fatality.

μCT can help recognize nonconforming packaging machines, discover supplier variation in components, and isolate problematic design issues.


Fast Nondestructive Inspection

When cutting your sample is not an option, μCT provides the solution. Designing and testing packaging assembly is a critical task to ensuring medicine can be delivered properly to the patient when it matters. Fast, nondestructive testing can you give confidence in your production process and the resulting product’s performance.

Failure Analysis

Looking Without Cutting

When failures occur, it can not only be costly, it can be deadly. Pinpointing the root cause of the failure is essential to safeguarding against it happening again.

Typical failure analysis can involve serial sectioning the part to observe the microstructure, but this destroys the evidence and may prevent further testing – sometimes even inducing unwanted damage such as micro-cracking, which can be misleading to the investigation. Because μCT does not require the destruction of the sample, it can be used in combination with other analysis techniques for a more comprehensive investigation into the failure mechanism.