The most integrated NMR machine

NanoBay NMR The highly Integrated Spectrometer AVANCE III HD NMR enhances both productivity and quality for a wide range of routine and research applications

The new Avance™III HD NanoBay NMR device is the most highly integrated state-of-the-art broadband NMR spectrometer ever. The novel NanoBay design places Bruker’s high-performance HD NMR spectrometer technology into an exceptionally compact enclosure.

The NanoBay delivers high productivity and highest-quality NMR information for pharmaceutical and industrial chemists, for academic research and teaching, as well as for food analysis, diagnostics research and other small molecule applications.

  • Broadband compact design high end NMR spectrometer
  • Easy siting in small analytical laboratories
  • Based on latest Avance™ III HD spectrometer technology
  • Ready for CryoProbe applications based on built-in preamplifiers
  • Includes most stable and compact Ascend™ magnet technology
  • Intuitive routine user interface TopSpin™
AVANCE III HD-NanoBay, equipped with CryoProbe Prodigy and autosampler SampleXpress