Scrap Shavings, Handheld XRF Spectrometry

S1 TITAN Detector Shield

The ultimate defense against punctured detectors

This unique patented S1 TITAN accessory protects the detector window from being punctured by sharp objects like scrap shavings and wire, while still allowing rapid and accurate analysis of almost any material. This protective shield minimizes the chance that the detector will be damaged, thus avoiding the cost and hassle associated with the replacement of a broken detector window. 

This protection does not sacrifice any of the analytical performance of the instrument, even for the light elements like magnesium, aluminum and silicon. In addition, there is NEVER any need to change window or calibration when measuring light elements.

Punctured detector
Shielded Detector
Shielded detector


  • Sharp objects like shavings and wires can easily puncture the detector window.
  • Repairs are a nuisance and costly.
  • Equipment down-time affects your productivity.

Solution! TITAN Detector ShieldTM

  • Patented TITAN Detector ShieldTM protects the detector.
  • Detector ShieldTM minimizes costly detector punctures.
  • No decrease in analytical performance even in light elements.
  • Minimizes down-time.
  • Provides peace of mind for use in scrap yards.
  • Included on all S1 TITAN models

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