Turbo X-ray-source, single crystal X-ray diffraction

Characteristics and Relative Performance of Molybdenum X-ray Sources for Chemical Crystallography

Molybdenum X ray Sources for Chem TechNote11 First Page
SC-XRD Technical Note

Mo radiation is the principal choice for chemical crystallography due to its combination of relatively high intensity, efficiency, and relatively low absorption.

This Technical Note discusses the characteristics and relative performance of the new X-ray sources now available for Mo radiation including curved-crystal monochromators, microfocus sealed tubes, and microfocus rotating anode generators.

Download our technical note on “Characteristics and Relative Performance of Molybdenum X-ray Sources for Chemical Crystallography” to learn:

  • What are the principal home laboratory X-ray sources?
  • What are the differences between the three most important source types?
  • Why are microfocus sealed tubes so environmental friendly
  • What makes microfocus sealed tubes so successful?
  • Is a rotating anode worth the additional investment?
  • The more power the better?
  • Why does down-stream alignment lead to better structures?
  • How modern software can deal with a mismatch between sample and beam size?
  • Which is the best source for my daily research samples?