Goniometer, single crystal X-ray diffraction

SC-XRD Goniometers

Ground-breaking crystallography has always been driven by the development of improved tools. Whatever your goniometer of choice – three-axis FIXED-CHI or four-axis KAPPA – optical encoders ensure extremely high angular precision with a 7 μm sphere of confusion and fast goniometer positioning enhances productivity, no matter what the focus of your applications.

Vial Mounting of Protein Crystals

FIXED-CHI Goniometer

FIXED-CHI-Goniometer, SC-XRD

The 3-circle FIXED-CHI sample stage provides an ingenious solution with only a small number of moving parts. The open geometry has minimal obstruction and allows easy mounting of additional crystal-conditioning devices.

  • Supports a 360° phi drive at the magic angle of 54.7°
  • Highly efficient data collection using precise omega scans
  • Easy-to-use geometry

KAPPA Goniometer

KAPPA Goniometer, SC-XRD
KAPPA Goniometer

The open geometry of the KAPPA four-circle goniometer offers ultimate sample-positioning freedom for the collection of a nearly infinite number of independent observations. The motorized detector track is automatically adjusted to the optimal detector-to-sample distance based on unit cell dimension and crystal quality.

  • Oriented images
  • Friedel pairs on the same frame
  • Long-unit-cell samples with the shortest detector-to-sample distance
  • Hosts ISX stage for protein screening

The FIXED-CHI and the KAPPA goniometer are featured in the D8 QUEST, and the D8 VENTURE.