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MEASUREMENT CENTER is a software package providing a most convenient control and navigation center for the D2 PHASER, D8 ADVANCE with DAVINCI design, and D8 ENDEAVOR comprising a set of measurement and maintenance plug-ins:

  • COMMANDER: The control center for managing interactive as well as background measurements and display of all status information of the diffractometer system
  • DAVINCI: The intelligent virtual goniometer providing for true plug & play X-ray diffraction analysis for the D8 (with DAVINCI design) diffractometer family
  • JOBLIST / STARTJOBS: Comfortable job controller with build-in scheduler and history. Jobs can be stopped, deleted, resumed, restarted and prioritized.
  • CONFIG: Easy and intuitive instrument configuration
  • DB MANAGEMENT: Centralized user's management and full audit trailing
  • LOG: Comprehensive logging of all instrument events

The MEASUREMENT CENTER can access and control any number of D2 and D8 (with DAVINCI design) diffractometers within a customer's network. Licensing includes installation of the MEASUREMENT CENTER on all customer's PCs to enable unlimited networked operation.