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Quality and Process control with XRF made ECOnomic and ECOlogic

Energy efficiency is the most compelling resource to realize huge cost savings. With the brand new S8 TIGER ECO line Bruker offers wavelength-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WDXRF) performance at uniquely low costs of operation and ownership.

Based on Bruker’s established “Plug ‘n Analyze” technology the S8 TIGER ECO operates with little power and without any need for cooling water or compressed air.

And when it comes to instrument uptime and maintenance cost the S8 TIGER ECO is a great deal achieving high savings of your budget.

Configurations of the S8 TIGER ECO series fit every budget for WDXRF instrumentation:

  • S8 TIGER ECO "Cement" for building materials with ASTM C 114 performance
  • S8 TIGER ECO "Petro" for low sulfur compliant to ASTM D2622
  • S8 TIGER ECO "Petro" for lubricating oils according to ASTM D6443

The new ECO line features an innovative design enabling low cost of ownership (ECOnomical) and minimized consumption of resources (ECOlogical), while also delivering best-in-class analytical performance. At the same time, all instruments within the ECO line provide uncompromised ease-of-use and high instrument uptime, with superb instrument quality and warranty coverage.


With the innovative S8 TIGER ECO line, Bruker addresses the strong request for economic instruments to be used in industry.

The S8 TIGER ECO operates with just 1 kW excitation power. Any external cooling water device becomes unnecessary, leading to significant savings on electrical power.

  • Energy savings of more than 60% compared to high-consumption systems
  • Automatic standby mode when system is idle
  • 100% savings on cooling water or cooling devices
  • Simple installation and quick system startup


The S8 TIGER ECO offers outstanding system uptime and instrument availability:

  • With the new long lifetime (LLT) X-ray tube, you´re assured of the lowest possible maintenance cost. Guaranteed for 5 years!
  • The unique vacuum seal protects the entire goniometer from sample dust and liquids. For liquid analysis with the S8 TIGER ECO "Petro" models, helium consumption is reduced by more than 20%.
  • The S8 TIGER ECO spectrometers come with the latest and complete SPECTRAplus V3 software, including the ApplicationWizard, Eval, S8 Loader, and the new ResultsManager with SPC functionality.
Long Lifetime X-ray Tube, XRF
Long Lifetime (LLT) X-ray Tube

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Download our S8 TIGER ECO Cement – Analysis of cement, clinker and raw mix according to ASTM C 114 - Simple, fast and with unique low cost of ownership - Lab Report

S8 TIGER ECO "Cement" for building materials

Cement plant, XRF
Cement plant

The S8 TIGER ECO "Cement" provides optimal performance for elemental analysis in a cement plant and is fully compliant to ASTM C 114, EN 196-2, and ISO 29581. With its dedicated configuration the close monitoring of raw mix, clinker and cement is done on just one unit - at uniquely low cost of ownership.

S8 TIGER ECO "Petro" for low sulfur

Automotive fuels, XRF
Automotive fuels

When it comes to sulfur determination in gasoline, diesel, kerosene or mineral oils the S8 TIGER ECO "Petro" for ASTM D 2622 is the ideal choice for analyzing sulfur down to the sub-ppm level.

The WDXRF performance of the S8 TIGER ECO "Petro" comes in handy, especially when combined with the highest instrument uptime, ultimate reliability, and lowest cost of ownership.

S8 TIGER ECO "Petro" for lubricating oils

Petroleum industry, XRF
Petroleum industry

Additives play an important role in lubricating oils. Accurate and precise monitoring of the additive’s concentrations is required to ensure best product quality while not wasting expensive resources.

The S8 TIGER ECO "Petro" for lubricating oils is the optimal tool to run the ASTM D6443 checks. No cooling water, little energy, small amounts of helium, and the long lifetime tube is all you need. The S8 TIGER ECO "Petro" is a great deal and saves your budget for quality control.