S8 TIGER ECO, X-ray fluorescence, ECOperformance

Quality and Process control with XRF made ECOnomic and ECOlogic

Energy efficiency is the most compelling resource to realize huge cost savings. With the brand new S8 TIGER ECO line Bruker offers wavelength-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WDXRF) performance at uniquely low costs of operation and ownership.

Based on Bruker’s established “Plug ‘n Analyze” technology the S8 TIGER ECO operates with little power and without any need for cooling water or compressed air.

And when it comes to instrument uptime and maintenance cost the S8 TIGER ECO is a great deal achieving high savings of your budget.

Configurations of the S8 TIGER ECO series fit every budget for WDXRF instrumentation:

The new ECO line features an innovative design enabling low cost of ownership (ECOnomical) and minimized consumption of resources (ECOlogical), while also delivering best-in-class analytical performance. At the same time, all instruments within the ECO line provide uncompromised ease-of-use and high instrument uptime, with superb instrument quality and warranty coverage.