S8 TIGER Series 2

HighSense Technology

Accuracy and precision are vital for industrial quality and process control. Tighter control levels and closer monitoring of element concentrations are the success factors for better product quality and cost efficiency. The S8 TIGER Series 2 WDXRF spectrometer is the best deal to serve as analytical tool for these tasks.

Thanks to HighSense technology it delivers for all the elements the optimal sensitivity for all elements from Be to Americium. New enhanced analyzer crystals, the HighSense counting electronics and the close coupling beam path are delivering in combination with the HighSense X-ray tubes a maximum intensity for fastest time-to-result, lowest detection limits and best analytical precision.


HighSense X-ray tube

HighSense X-ray tube 50 μm:

  • 15% higher intensity (light elements)
  • 50 μm Be Window
  • SampleCare coating


HighSense X-ray tube 28 μm:

  • 35% higher intensity (light elements)
  • 28 μm Be Window
  • SampleCare coating
High intensity crystal

High intensity crystal XS-400:

  • Saves > 35% counting time per element
  • Replaces expensive 3rd detectors
  • More efficient than sealed gas counters
HighSense detectors

HighSense detectors with MCA:

  • High efficiency flowcounter for light element detection
  • High sensitivity scintillation counter for optimal heavy analysis
  • 3.5 mio cps saturation
  • 2 Mio cps linear range
  • On the fly dead time correction