XFlash 6-30

The Versatile Mid-Size SDD
The XFlash 6-30 detector

The XFlash® 6-30 combines excellent energy resolution with the larger solid angle of a 30 mm2 active area chip. This makes the detector very attractive for analysts who want to use the detector in the whole spectrum of EDS applications, ranging from light element analysis to fast mapping and combined EDS and EBSD measurements. The XFlash® 6-30 is sure to deliver fast results.

In summary, the XFlash® 6-30 offers the following advantages:

  • XFlash® 6-30 excellent energy resolution (123 eV at Mn Kα, 45 eV at C Kα and 53 eV at F Kα available)
  • Other available resolutions are 126 eV and 129 eV at Mn Kα
  • Extremely high pulse load capability
  • Excellent light element and low energy performance (Be - Am element range)
  • No elaborate, vibration-generating cooling systems
  • Immediately available after power on
  • Low operating cost
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Small dimensions, including slim-line technology finger
  • Low weight

Suggested areas of application for the XFlash® 6-30 are:

  • EDS systems for SEM, microprobe, FIB-SEM (welded bellows available as an option)
  • Combined EDS and fast EBSD analysis with the eFlash FS
  • Fast element mapping