Spatial-omics instrumentation for omics studies in cells and tissues
Spatial-omics instrumentation for omics studies in cells and tissues

Spatial-Omics Solutions

View Cellular Landscapes Like Never Before

Spatial biology enables insights into complex tissue structures, cellular biochemistry, and cell-cell interactions like never before. Unlike studying DNA, RNA, or proteins in isolation, exploring them in their native environments allows researchers to understand complex biological processes, unravel disease mechanisms, identify indicators of disease, and develop therapeutics and personalized medicine strategies. Bruker offers versatile cutting-edge microscopy technology for all scales of spatial-omics research.

Our CellScape™ platform from Canopy Biosciences enables researchers to perform highly multiplexed immunofluorescence microscopy with walkaway automation. Leveraging high dynamic range (HDR) imaging and single-cell resolution, the CellScape platform can perform quantitative high-plex biomarker analysis on up to 4 samples simultaneously. Compatible with both tissues and suspended cells and featuring a non-destructive workflow and open-source reagent selection, CellScape is the most flexible high-throughput spatial biology imaging solution available. Ideal for spatial proteomics and detailed cell phenotyping, the CellScape supports cancer and immunology research, biomarker discovery, and therapeutic development.

For imaging applications that need even higher resolution, our Vutara VXL microscope is a multimodal bioimaging workstation. The Vutara VXL has the flexibility for various spatial-omics imaging and analysis modalities including DNA-PAINT-based methods, ORCA, smFISH and OligoSTORM. With both widefield and super-resolution modalities, the Vutara VXL is ideal for studies of chromatin architecture and genomic 3D conformational analyses.

For researchers who do not yet have the necessary instrumentation, Canopy Spatial Services™ can support spatial biology projects, including spatial proteomics, transcriptomics, and single-cell analysis.

The PlexFlo Multiplexing Platform is a microfluidics unit for sequential labeling that is part of the CellScape instrumentation system and can be added to the Vutara VXL to increase the number of imaging cycles that can be completed in an experiment.

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