FT-NIR Process Spectrometer

BEAM - Process FT-NIR Spectrometer

The BEAM is the first dedicated single-point spectrometer unleashing the full power of FT-NIR spectroscopy,
taking in-process control to the next level. 

Precision meets Innovation


Single Point Analysis with full FT-Power

The BEAM is the first dedicated single-point NIR spectrometer unleashing the full power of FT-NIR spectroscopy, taking in-process control to the next level. It helps you to get the most out of your production by directly monitoring on the scene in real-time, improving your process variability. Optimized for solid and semi-solid material, it can be easily installed on pipelines, hoppers or over conveyor belts. 

From inspecting incoming goods to process control and final product inspection, the BEAM can be applied at any level of the production chain across many industries. While improving control over the manufacturing process, process fluctuations can be reduced, and specifications more precisely met. This ultimately leads to cost savings by reducing waste and re-work and ultimately a fast ROI of the BEAM. 

Advanced Technology


Broad spectral range & high resolution

Utilizing the full spectral NIR range only available to FT‑NIR systems, the BEAM will master applications that were out of reach for most of the conventional single-point analyzers. Its high resolution gives you the best accuracy, time and again. 


Precision & long-term stability 

With its high-class optical components, the BEAM is immune to vibrations and other environmental influences. The rugged RocksolidTM interferometer technology incorporating Cube Corner mirrors and a wear-free pivot mechanism ensures highest precision and long-term stability.


Fast & reliable real-time analysis 

The short measurement time of more than 250 scans/min delivers instant results, helping you to monitor and optimize your processes on the fly. Its dual source mode doubles the system availability by switching to the second source in case of blow out. 



Controlling the manufacturing process is crucial, not only for enhancing the quality of products. It also brings significant financial advantages, such as increased yields and reduced energy costs, e.g. for spray drying of dairy powders or cheese production. Other application fields include meat, cereals, sugars, chocolate as well as sweet & savory snacks. 


Monitoring the composition of the product at the various process stages with the BEAM  helps to obtain the best value from the feed ingredients. Parameters like moisture, oil, protein, fiber and ash as well as more specialized parameters e.g. ADF, NDF and amino acids can be determined in the raw materials as well as in the finished feed.


FT-NIR is today an established tool for monitoring polymer production processes
in real-time. The spectra provide a large amount of information, which allow a simultaneous high-precision analysis of various components and system parameters, including density, viscosity, degree of cross-linking, stabilizer, monomer content, and more.


The BEAM helps to move towards a lean production process by gaining an improved process understanding and closer control of manufacturing. Reduce waste, get it right first time and achieve a higher production asset utilization. Typical applications include the monitoring of mixing processes or the end point determination of API drying. 

Mounting Options

Tri-Clamp Flanges

Connect the BEAM with Tri-Clamp flanges, a robust and safe connection to pipes and sight glasses. Due to its hygienic design, Tri-Clamp is the leading connection system in the food and pharmaceutical industries. 

Mounting Brackets

Install the BEAM in the required orientation directly into the process with a variety of mounting brackets.                                                                                                                

Laboratory Stand

Develop your methods in the lab for an easy transfer to the production line. The stand takes care of the proper distance for sample measurements when using either a Petri dish turntable or the supplied holder.  



FT-NIR Literature Room

Learn more about the BEAM by downloading related literature.