MALDI Consumables

Bruker’s MALDI consumables take analysis capabilities to the next level by simplifying lab workflows

Imaging workflows made easy

Ensuring highest preparation quality

MALDI Consumables

MALDI Consumables

Simplified sample preparation through complementary consumables and accessories.
Exceptional purity removes potential sources of contamination and improves uptime of your instruments.
Single use targets for contamination-free, high throughput workflows or multiple-use targets for R/D purposes.
MALDI Consumables

fleXmatrix® delivers high resolution imaging quality while protecting instrument integrity

fleXmatrix® kits enable easy and convenient preparation of matrix solutions for use in MALDI Imaging. Delivered in convenient portion sizes, fleXmatrix® simplifies and speeds up sample preparation. Different kits are available for the MALDI Imaging analysis of lipids, peptides, and proteins, and specialized matrix specifically for MALDI-2 post-ionization analysis.

fleXmatrix® is extra pure to remove potential sources of contamination. This simplifies laboratory workflows and maximizes uptime by removing potential sources of sample or instrument contamination. It comes pre-portioned for ease of preparation and fleXmatrix® dissolves rapidly for short sonication times.

fleXmatrix® is perfectly suited for use with IntelliSlides® and can be used with all of Bruker’s MALDI Imaging platforms. It offers reliable MALDI ionization and is easily removed from tissue samples after MALDI measurement for applications such as histological staining.

MALDI Consumables

Increase productivity

IntelliSlides® simplify MALDI Imaging workflows


MALDI Targets
A variety of MALDI targets are available. Proven AnchorChip technology for easiest automation, as well as standard formats available with 96, 384 or 1536 spot geometry.

fleXmatrix® – the key to success in MALDI Imaging analyses


Pre-inscribed IntelliSlides® streamline and simplify experimental set up processes in the lab and on all of Bruker’s MALDI Imaging instruments.

IntelliSlides® are a single-use consumable to avoid potential sources of contamination. They fulfill all requirements for reliable MALDI ionization. With all inscriptions on the conductive slide surface, permanent registration marks (teach marks) indicate where to place the sample for alignment within the MALDI instrument.

With a unique serial number and barcode to simplify sample tracking, IntelliSlides® are also compatible with histology and microscopy techniques.

Automated image acquisition is available on Bruker's timsTOF fleX and rapifleX® platforms with flexImaging 5.1 and above.

MALDI Consumables

MALDI Imaging, high-throughput screening or utmost flexibility with multipurpose MALDI Targets

Facilitating SpatialOMx®
In SpatialOMx® workflows on the timsTOF fleX, MALDI Imaging is used to map molecule distributions across tissue sections to identify regions of interest and focus multiomics analyses to specific cell populations.

Image registration on the timsTOF fleX using IntelliSlides® is automated at the touch of a button. By quickly aligning the target sample with the timsTOF fleX laser optics, workflow set up takes three minutes, allowing rapid and accurate analysis.

Compatible with histology
IntelliSlides® are compatible with common histology stains and procedures, such as hematoxylin and eosin. Permanent registration marks (or ‘teach marks’) do not dissolve in histology solvents, allowing for easier co-registration of post-measurement stained tissues with the corresponding MALDI dataset.

High-Throughput screening with MALDI-TOF
Specialized MALDI target holders and MALDI targets for contamination-free workflows, with or without barcode enable the fast and traceable workflows needed in a high-throughput screening lab.

Flexibility for core labs with proven AnchorChip technology 

Our AnchorChip targets enable position precision and sensitivity increase for 96, 384 or 1536 target spot geometries in well-known MTP-formats. Automation build-in: Defined calibration spots enable external near-neighbour calibrations for best mass accuracy in MALDI-TOF analysis.
¼ MTP-format also available for bench-top instruments.

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