Antimicrobial susceptibility testing

Software and Devices

Offering a flexible degree of automation


The MICRONAUT6 Software offers rapid and standardized reading of MICRONAUT-S and MICRONAUT-AM MIC plates as well as automated determination and interpretation of MIC values according to EUCAST and / or CLSI standards by using MICRONAUT systems.


All patient data (specimen number, name, date of birth) and test types can be manually entered or imported from the mainframe. The MICRONAUT6 software creates work lists that define an optimized inoculation procedure and ensure efficient use of MICRONAUT-S and MICRONAUT-AM test plates.


The user-friendly MICRONAUT6 software is used for fast and standardized reading, evaluation and validation of all MICRONAUT plates. The MICRONAUT6 software includes a quality control system and an expert system for validating the AST results regarding plausibility and effectiveness.

The MICRONAUT6 software checks the plausibility of the AST results by comparing the species ID with typical resistance profiles to ensure there are no inconsistencies (expert rules).


The MICRONAUT6 software ensures optimal conditions for laboratories by providing patient data registration and ready to deliver results. The software can be extended by a quality control and statistical program resulting in integrated control of susceptibility testing with official quality control strains.


To guarantee fast, standardized and consistent reading of MICRONAUT-S and MICRONAUT-AM MIC plates, the photometer TECAN SUNRISE™ is used to ensure reliable AST and AFST results.


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The MICRONAUT6 software and devices offer a range of features and benefits and different programs to meet your specific needs.

Measurement and evaluation program

  • Individual solutions due to high program flexibility:
  • Labor code conversion in each program item
  • Status change from almost every program point
  • Individual order of MICRONAUT MIC plate usage
  • Setup of different user levels
  • Layout-specific antibiotic selection for findings and online output
  • Enter antibiotic trade name
  • High traceability through activity log
  • Direct compression of the data during data backup
  • "Help menu" can be called up in every program item
  • User-friendly software interface under Microsoft Windows
  • Management of up to 99 resistance plates

Expert Program

  • Comprehensive set of expert rules for the validation of AST results
  • Intrinsic Resistance / Clinical Ineffectiveness
  • Acquired Resistance / Cross-Parallel Resistance
  • Extensive comments, warnings and references
  • Layout and standard-specific validation
  • Implementation and administration of individual validation criteria

QC program

  • Integrated quality control module for evaluation of laboratory internal quality control of susceptibility testing with official quality control strains
  • Predefined MIC quality control MIC ranges (CLSI/EUCAST) for official quality control strains
  • Deviation analysis
  • Storage of batch information
  • Individually extensible databases for special audits
  • Various output options for displaying the results


Please contact your local representative for availability in your country.

Not for sale in the USA. MERLIN Gesellschaft für mikrobiologische Diagnostika mbH – A Bruker Company (