XRF Solutions


For the analysis of traces in polymers with the S8 TIGER


POLYMER-QUANT A is the Bruker AXS solution for the analysis of Mg, Al, Si, P, Cl, Ca, Ti, and Zr in polymer samples. Additional concentrations are available for the elements S and Zn. As these elements are calibrated with the quality check (QC) samples themselves, the respective values have to be considered as informational. POLYMER-QUANT A is set up for the analysis of polyolefin matrices. Further matrices can be added with minimum effort.

POLYMER-QUANT A for S8 TIGER is pre-configured to allow easy and quick analyses of polyolefin catalyst residues and base additives. It provides:

  • Analytical lines carefully designed to:
  • Use optimum tube and instrument settings.
  • Collect peak and background intensities as free from line overlaps as possible
  • Counting strategy to yield best accuracy
  • Automatic application setup of line overlaps, background and matrix corrections.
  • Automatic correction for samples with finite thickness (sample height lower than critical depth).
  • Flexibility for modification of counting times / detection limits and the usage of POLYMER-QUANT A lines in user defined calibration methods.