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OPUS Package: Database

OPUS Package


The DATABASE package allows storage of evaluation results, spectra files and measurement parameters in a Microsoft SQL (Structured Query Language) database. In particular in case of bigger amounts of spectra this enables efficient and systematic access to old spectra information by specific filter criteria.

Typical filter criteria may e.g. be product name, sample information (such as supplier name or batch number), evaluation result or spectral parameters. A set of such specific filter criteria is a so-called query which can also be stored e.g. if periodical access to this set of information is required.

Furthermore OPUS/DATABASE allows for a trend display of evaluation results with up to 4 curves (e.g. prediction values of components or their moving averages) per chart. In addition also the warning and alarm limits can be optionally shown within the trend display.


Interactive Setup, storage and loading of database queries.

Load, export and delete spectra from database.

Trend Display of Parameters such as evaluation results, including alarm limits and statistical limits or measurement parameters.

Database with 4 GB capacity included.