3D Optical Profilometry

Wyko Veeco History

The Wyko surface optical profiler heritage of Bruker’s 3D optical microscopes

Wyko Corporation

Bruker’s 3D optical microscopy expertise has its roots in the non-contact surface optical profiling technology developed by Wyko Corporation in the eighties. Wyko was founded by three members of the University of Arizona Optical Sciences Center in 1982. With initial systems designed for semiconductor and data storage industries, Wyko interferometers became a leading provider of metrology solutions to enable companies to keep pace with aggressive technology roadmaps. Wyko instruments were used to improve product yield and product quality by generating precise, consistent quantitative data throughout the manufacturing cycle. In the manufacturing process for computer hard drives, Wyko systems enabled precise measurements of magnetic head shape and height, suspension arm height and angle, and disk texture and flatness. Semiconductor manufacturers used Wyko equipment for measuring flip chips and wafer roughness.

Wyko’s many patents opened up additional successful markets in academic research, industrial R&D, optics and telecommunications. Their top-selling products included the Ladite laser diode wavefront tester, the IR3 infrared interferometer, the TOPO-3D optical surface profiler, the Siris interferometer, and the Wyko 6000 Fizeau interferometer.

Veeco Metrology Group

Wyko’s success led to their acquisition in 1997 by Veeco Instruments Inc. (a publicly traded company), who combined the new non-contact, optical measurement products with their existing line of atomic force microscopes, Dektak surface profilers, and laser scatterometers to form the Veeco Metrology Group. This division supplied surface metrology equipment for high-growth microelectronic markets such as thin film magnetic heads and advanced semiconductor devices as well as for a broad range of industrial applications. It also supported Veeco Instruments Inc.’s position as a worldwide leader in precision ion beam systems and physical vapor deposition systems.

Under Veeco, the surface profiling technology continued to excel, leading the surface metrology industry in patents and operation software. The Veeco Metrology Group specialized in creating top-end automated systems, as well as bringing the latest white light interferometry (WLI) features to table-top instruments. They developed the best-selling NT Series of optical profilers for quick and accurate 3D surface height measurements of precision surfaces, advanced materials and optics, biomaterials, MEMS and semiconductor packaging. Veeco Metrology Group also developed the SP series of fully automated non-contact surface metrology systems specifically for semiconductor manufacturers, and the HD series of interferometers for data storage manufacturers.

Bruker Nano Surfaces

In 2010, Veeco made the decision to focus solely on the LED, solar, data storage and wireless markets, and sold its metrology business to Bruker Corporation. For more than 50 years, Bruker’s high-performance scientific research instruments and high-value analytical solutions have enabled scientists to explore life and materials at molecular, cellular and microscopic levels.

Today, Bruker continues to be a leading provider of high-performance scientific instruments and advanced solutions for molecular and materials research, as well as diagnostics, industrial, clinical and applied analysis. With specialized instruments for advanced QA/QC and R&D precision machining and manufacturing applications within the automotive/aerospace, high-brightness LED, solar, semiconductor, and medical device markets, Bruker has a 3D optical microscopy solution that will fit your application and budget.

3D Optical Metrology Solutions:

  • Benchtop 3D Surface Measurements (table-top manual and automated instruments for R&D and production): ContourX-100, ContourX-200, ContourX-500
  • Floor-Standing 3D Surface Measurements (fully automated production-ready systems with integrated vibration isolation): ContourX-1000
  • Large-Scale and Industrial Metrology (large-sample, automated systems for R&D and industrial applications with difficult sample surface access): NPFLEX-1000
  • Semiconductor Metrology (comprehensive measurement systems for large panel and PCB production control): ContourSP
  • Data Storage Metrology (process control monitoring systems for data storage characterization): HD9800+