Advanced Memory

PCRAM Thickness and Composition

PCRAM Thickness and Composition

Bruker's x-ray systems provide solutions for both in-line process monitoring and research and development materials characterization.  Whether the complex, multi-element structures of emerging memories or more traditional PCRAM strucutures, our systems provide the critical information needed to precisely determine and monitor crystalline phases. 

In-line Composition Monitoring

Ideal for the monitoring phase change memory and other emerging memories that are stacks of complex, multi-element structures, Bruker's Sirius-RF tool combines the power of X-ray reflectivity (XRR) thickness measurements of individual layers in a stack with multi-source µXRF for the determination of composition & thickness on pad and cell area. 

For example, the system is used to measure composition and thickness of the memory element (GeSbTe - GST) and Ovonic Threshold Switch (OTS, GeAsSe), both are critical parameters.  

The Sirius-RF µXRF allows in-line composition monitoring on metrology pads or device areas. Fast convergent beam XRR allows thickness measurement at 1-2 seconds per point.

In-Situ Study of Phase Transitions in a GST Thin Film

Understanding the phase transition behavior in thin film materials is of crucial importance for the development of PCRAM devices. 
Non-ambient X-ray Diffraction allows precise determination of the crystalline phases and lattice parameters as a function of the temperature. 
In addition, X-ray reflectometry is the most accurate non-destructive method for the thickness determination of amorphous GST films.

Bruker‘s laboratory diffraction solutions, D8 DISCOVER and D8 ADVANCE, are powerful XRD tools to support research and development of PCRAM devices.