Bruker Announces Acquisition of Preclinical and Molecular Imaging Research Software Provider PMOD Technologies LLC

Bruker today announced that it has acquired PMOD Technologies LLC, a highly respected provider of research-use-only software for preclinical and molecular imaging

Acquisition strengthens Bruker’s portfolio of high-performance PET molecular imaging solutions

UERICH, Switzerland, July 8th, 2019 -- Bruker today announced that it has acquired PMOD Technologies LLC, a highly respected provider of research-use-only software for preclinical and molecular imaging, with a focus on molecular quantification and pharmacokinetic modeling. The PMOD software is widely used for the analysis of positron emission tomography (PET) studies in neurology, cardiology and oncology, both for preclinical and human molecular imaging research. Founded in 2003 as a University Hospital Zuerich spin-off, PMOD Technologies is based in Zuerich and has an innovative development team in Warsaw, Poland. The acquisition confirms Bruker's commitment to provide intuitive end-to-end solutions that make image analysis and quantitative knowledge extraction in nuclear molecular imaging research more productive and precise.

Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed, and PMOD continues to be managed by its senior management team. The PMOD software continues to remain vendor-neutral and platform-independent, and PMOD's outstanding customer support will be maintained. 

PMOD extends Bruker's portfolio of imaging software for clinical research and further enhances Bruker's expertise in nuclear molecular imaging. The portfolio now encompasses two leading-edge imaging research software packages used in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and nuclear molecular imaging (NMI) translational research: ParaVision® 360 and PMOD.

PET/MR image processed by PMOD: Serotonin receptor density in human brain for study of psychiatric disorders. Courtesy A. Hahn, M. Savli, R. Lanzenberger, Medical University of Vienna, Austria.

Dr. Wulf I. Jung, President of Bruker's Preclinical Imaging Division, stated: "With the PMOD acquisition, Bruker is broadening its support for translational research with outstanding imaging tools, from highest-performance preclinical MRI, PET/SPECT and microCT systems to state-of-the-art software. Preclinical PET/MR is a fast-growing market, and the expertise of the PMOD team will further strengthen our quantitative molecular imaging solutions." 

Dr. Cyrill Burger, CEO of PMOD, commented: "Our team is delighted to join Bruker, a leading provider of preclinical imaging solutions renowned for their innovation and dedication to excellence. Our combined expertise will accelerate the development and integration of novel molecular imaging applications, answering the growing demand for innovative research tools by translational scientists." 

About PMOD

PMOD Technologies aims to equip researchers with best-in-class software tools for biomedical imaging research in humans and animals. The PMOD suite of software tools is a comprehensive platform for quantitative imaging and is a leading solution for PET kinetic modelling and parametric mapping. PMOD software includes solutions for image registration, automated volume-of-interest definition in neurology, oncology and cardiology, radiomics feature extraction, 3D image visualization and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling. PMOD has an expanding customer base of more than 600 sites, with an estimated 2,000 active users worldwide. Interactive and responsive collaborations with leading imaging research institutions ensure that methodology and scope of the PMOD software remain at the leading edge. For more information please visit:

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