Bruker Introduces Portable XRF MARPOL CTX™ 500S Analyzer for Easy Testing of IMO 2020 Low Sulfur Fuel Oil Requirements

Bruker now offers a complete solution to test and verify the adherence to the IMO 2020 Low Sulfur Fuel Oil Standard Requirement

KENNEWICK, Washington – January 28, 2020 – In response to the significant reduction of the maximum permissible levels of sulfur in marine fuels from 3.5 percent to 0.5 percent, as enforced by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) from the beginning of 2020, Bruker now offers a complete solution to test and verify the adherence to the IMO 2020 Low Sulfur Fuel Oil Standard Requirement. The new MARPOL package is based on the portable X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer CTX™ 500S, and includes a ready-to-go MARPOL calibration set-up, a quality control (QC) kit with sample cups, XRF safety foil and QC standards.

The non-destructive XRF technology of the CTX™ 500S enables reliable identification of elements present in solid or liquid samples, and precise determination of their amounts. With its calibration set-up, specifically developed for MARPOL applications, the instrument provides detection limits of 30 ppm (3σ) for sulfur, making it the tool of choice for quick and accurate marine fuel testing at service labs, supply stations, on docks, in ports and aboard ships, even for the ultra-low 0.1 percent sulfur limit which continues to be the standard in Emission Control Areas (ECA).

Fuel samples can be placed inside the analysis chamber using sample cups or other liquid containers. All user operation is through an easy-to-use front panel touchscreen display or an optional PC via Wi-Fi or USB.

Tim Heek, Product Manager for Bruker’s handheld, mobile and portable XRF products, commented: “Our newest portable XRF analyzer, the CTX™ 500S, was designed with the needs of MARPOL measurements in mind. This small, lightweight, battery operated, safety interlocked, and self-contained instrument is ideal for analyzing liquid samples, such as marine fuel oils. A fitted Lowepro Pro Runner™ RL backpack carry case is available to make it easy to transport, e.g. up and down ladders.”

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