GlycoQuest Glyco Analysis

Intact Glycoproteins


The analysis of intact glycoproteins is the most straightforward approach to revealing the complexity of a glycoprotein sample. It is:

  • Simple: No time-consuming sample preparation (e.g., deglycosylation, digestion);
  • Fast: Acquisitions and data analysis in minutes;
  • Accurate: Reveal the glycoforms heterogeneity and relative abundances; and
  • Powerful: Get N- and C-term sequence by coupling the maXis to an HPLC system to combine top resolution and separation.

Glycoform Profile of Cetuximab FabRICATOR fragments acquired on the maXis ETD.

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Top-Down Protein Characterization - Characterization of intact recombincant proteins.

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.