Clinical Metabolomics and Human health

In clinical research metabolomics strategies are applied in model systems such as cell cultures or animals up to large scale epidemiological studies as these approaches hold great potential to detect new biomarkers for diseases. Validated biomarkers can serve in diagnostics as well as in monitoring  drug therapy - ultimately enabling real perzonalized medicine.

Validated biomarkers will also shed light on the molecular basis for diseases and point to novel drug targets, which is of primary importance in pharmaceutical research.

One example for the impact of metabolomics in human health studies is an extremely promising project in NMR based analysis helping to deliver efficient, reliable screening of inborn errors in newborn health. It has the potential to generate a push-button, high throughput screening solution offering simultaneous non-targeted and targeted analysis. 


In addition to NMR, Bruker´s LC-MS, and GC-MS based metabolomics solutions perfectly match the requirements for comprehensive metabolic profiling, sample troughput, biomarker detection, identification, validation and quantification.

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.