Protein Analysis

The advantages of infrared protein analysis are its ease of use and its relatively inexpensive capability of studying proteins in aqueous media at any buffer conditions. Therefore, the IR-technique is a powerful analysis method in the pharmaceutical industry, e.g. for formulation optimization, stability studies during drug development and QC of protein drug products.
In research isolate structural effects of a protein while binding to drugs or interacting with substrates and inhibitors are followed.

Furthermore, the formation of multimeric structures like aggregates or fibrils can be monitored by infrared spectroscopy (IR), even in real time.

It should be stressed that these investigations are not restricted to water-soluble proteins, but can also be performed on membrane bound proteins. The CONFOCHECK is a dedicated Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectrometer system that was developed to fulfill the demanding requirements for protein analysis in aqueous solution. Its specific concept facilitates a fast data acquisition with a high sample throughput controlled by a user friendly software interface.

  • Protein dynamics (temperature induced conformational changes)
  • Protein quantification (from 0.03 mg/ml up to > 100mg/ml in aqueous solution)
  • Determination of secondary structure
  • Monitoring of conformational changes during protein aggregation, precipitation and crystallization
  • Quantification of all kind of solutes in aqueous samples