Peptide Mapping

Detect, Characterize and Quantify Products and Impurities based on the amino acid sequence of a protein therapeutic.

Bruker ESI-QTOF instruments together with Biopharma Compass offer:

  • Superb raw data quality and MS and MS/MS mass accuracy < 1 ppm ensuring certainty first time, every time.
  • Subsequent comparison with a reference standard or with the theoretical sequences provides additional certainty
  • Automated acquisition, data processing and customised reporting provides efficiency gains for both expert and non-specialist users.

Peptide Mapping involves the enzymatic digestion of the protein and subsequent analysis of the resulting peptides by LC-ESI-TOF-MS. The peptide data is then processed and compared with the theoretical protein sequence (including any modifications and cleavage sites) to provide sequence coverage information.

It is also possible to compare the LC-MS chromatograms produced with that from a reference batch. In this way known small molecule impurities can also be mapped and unexpected peaks identified.

Often these peptide maps are complex and the ability to mass measure the peptides accurately enables more confident assignment of the species. The maXis IITM ESI-TOF offers a no compromise solution in data quality offering >80,000 resolution at full sensitivity and delivers MS & MS/MS mass accuracy < 1ppm ensuring certainty in measurement the first time and every time.

It is desirable in today’s modern labs that samples are analysed, data is processed and reports generated as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Biopharma Compass achieves this at the push of a button.

Biopharma Compass software for automated acquistion and processing of high quality data and create customised reports all at the touch of a button. Turn data certainty into confident reporting ready for submission to regulatory bodies.

peptide mapping