Application Support

Bruker Optics is staffed by expert scientists and engineers who have an in-depth know-ledge of instrumentation and applications. Our product specialists are available to assist you with method development either remotely or in your lab.

 Moreover, Bruker Optics offers an array of ready-to-use calibrations which facilitate your entry into the world of NIR spectroscopy.

Service & Training

Bruker Optics spectrometers are designed to provide years of dependable trouble-free operation, but should a problem occur a network of Bruker companies and representatives throughout the world are ready to promptly respond to your needs. Professional installations and a high standard of post-delivery service are commitments Bruker Optics makes to each of its customers. Remote diagnostics in addition to a variety of service contract packages are available for comprehensive support.

 Apart from regular customer trainings, dedicated in-house seminars and local support can be arranged according to your needs.