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Optical Profiler Characterization of Advanced Materials Using White Light Interferometry

Learn how today's advanced optical profilers can provide rapid and highly accurate characterization solutions for materials research and development
Presented by Samuel Lesko, Ph.D., Director of Technology and Applications Development, TSOM Unit, Bruker; Alexander Nesterov-Mueller, Ph.D., KIT, Institute of Microstructure Technology, Germany; Andreas Luttge, Ph.D., MARUM, University of Bremen, Germany (September 22, 2020)


  • [00:02:38] Overview of the use of WLI-based 3D optical profilers for advanced materials characterization (Dr. Samuel Lesko)
  • [00:38:58] Verticle Scanning Interferometry for Label-Free Detection of Peptide-Antibody Interactions (Dr. Alexander Nesterov-Mueller)
  • [00:53:50] Steel Corrosion Kinetics Studied by Raman Coupled with Vertical Scanning Interferometry (Dr. Andreas Luttge)
  • [01:18:30] Live demonstration: 3D optical profiler roughness measurement of graphene flakes on silicon substrate (Dr. Samuel Lesko)


  • [01:25:05] Was PSI or VSI used to perform the measurements done with peptides?
  • [01:26:57] How are measurements—which are taken many hours apart—aligned laterally (unaffected by drift error)?
  • [01:29:03] How can these instruments reach a true lateral resolution of 200 nm?