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Fast, Non-Contact 3D Optical Profiling

Bruker is the worldwide leader in 3D surface measurement and inspection, offering fast, non-contact analyses for samples ranging in size from microscopic MEMS to entire engine blocks. Our optical profilometers are the culmination of ten generations of proprietary Wyko® Technology advances that provide the high sensitivity and stability necessary for precision 3D surface measurements in applications and environments that are challenging for other metrology systems.



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The Unit for Nano Fabrication at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is a service laboratory used for hundreds of students. Each piece of equipment we have here were carefully selected to be robust, user friendly, efficient and with a good technical support. The optical profiler Bruker Contour GT fulfills all these requisites plainly: our students simply love to use it. Regarding the technical support, Bruker is not only the manufacturer of the equipment, but they are our partners all the way.

Dr. Shimon Eliav, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, ContourGT owner

Thanks to high quality topography from our WLI profiler, we are able to reveal subtle grain removal and regular patterns left by our machining processes on our machined technical ceramic parts. It allows us to spot out any slight deviation or tiny defects left by CNC machines so that we better understand root causes and can engage adequate fixes or optimize manufacturing processes.

Fabien Coloigner, Quality and Development Engineer, Microcertec, ContourGT owner

With the Contour Elite K interferometer, it’s very easy to perform accurate roughness measurements of micro-milled surfaces in a very short amount of time, comparing to other techniques.

Dr. Giacomo Didoni, Politechnico Di Milano, Italy

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Bruker partners with our customers to solve real-world application issues. We develop next-generation technologies and help customers select the right system and accessories. This partnership continues through training and extended service, long after the tools are sold.

Our highly trained team of support engineers, application scientists and subject-matter experts are wholly dedicated to maximizing your productivity with system service and upgrades, as well as application support and training.

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