3D Optical Profilers

Achieving Gage-Capable Process Control for High-Speed, Precision Manufacturing

Read about the technology helping manufacturers and engineers meet increasingly stringent demands

Gage-Capable; GR&R; Non-Contact Optical Profiling; Precision Manufacturing; White Light Interferometry; Metrology System Testing and Validation

Following a solid GR&R measurement analysis gives manufacturers confidence in the process measurement systems and minimizes waste in production due to unacceptable measurement variation. WLI non-contact optical profiling continues to be the technology of choice for high-volume throughput, highly accurate gaging, and long-term reproducibility for process control measurement.

This application note discusses the use of WLI-based optical profilers for GR&R projects, including how our technology eliminates the need for regular calibration, reduces maintenance downtime, and improves the cost of ownership for manufacturers.

Readers can expect to learn more about:

  • The advantages of WLI over other optical measurement technology;
  • GR&R project setup, analysis, and gage performance optimization; and
  • How Bruker works with customers to evolve its measurement systems to face the ever-increasing challenges of demanding production applications and environments.