TRACER: The benchmark in handheld-XRF for Cultural Heritage

On-Demand Session - 54 Minutes

The Art and Conservation Webinar Series - Part III

The Bruker TRACER handheld-XRF is the go-to portable analytical tool for elemental analysis in cultural heritage studies. The TRACER 5 is the latest in a Bruker series actively used the world over. It represents a significant advancement over earlier models with technical improvements driving outstanding elemental sensitivity with improved handling, and enhanced software integration providing advanced analytical tools. Designed for flexibility of use and application, the instrument can operate entirely handheld, in a desktop stand, or tripod-mounted for use in the laboratory, the gallery, or on-site locations. Flexibility extends to modes of analysis with the ability to operate in a fully interactive mode, where raw spectra from diverse objects may be interrogated using Bruker’s ARTAX software platform. Where appropriate, this mode may be extended to the use of factory installed matrix-matched empirical calibrations designed specifically for cultural heritage applications, or the capability for users to develop and custom calibrations.

This webinar will introduce you to the fundamentals of the TRACER platform, including key hardware features and software operation that positions TRACER as the benchmark solution for portable elemental analysis by scientists and other professionals working in cultural heritage. We will also introduce Bruker’s empirical factory calibrations, including those developed specifically for handheld-XRF analysis in archaeology and museum studies, as well as methods (such as the EasyCal PC software platform), which allow users to customize calibrations to specific analyses. The webinar will provide insights into how the TRACER 5 is currently in use by experts in cultural heritage object analysis around the world.

Who Should Attend

  • Researchers, professionals and students in cultural heritage conducting XRF analysis
  • Archeologists or art scientists working in-situ in Cultural Heritage sites
  • Those interested in broadening their understanding of XRF analysis of artifacts in general


Dr. Nigel Kelly

Senior Market Application Scientist, Bruker Nano Analytics

Andrew Lee

Application Scientist, Bruker Nano Analytics

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