Pulsed Field Gradients – and why you need them on your Benchtop NMR

Webinar Overview

This webinar will explore the use of pulsed field gradients for benchtop NMR, a technique typically used in high-field NMR spectroscopy to obtain essentially artifact-free spectra quickly and conveniently.  

While the use of gradients has been in use since the 1960’s, the industry has adapted the technique to become a standard feature over the last decade in high-field NMR to obtain artifact-free spectra in a minimal amount of time. With the rise in popularity of benchtop NMR, we’ll explore the methodological advances in gradient pulses that enable users to enhance solvent or water suppression, perform DOSY experiments, and quickly acquire two-dimensional NMR spectra. Bruker’s new benchtop NMR, the Fourier 80, provides a compact desktop footprint and easy-to-use functionality, making high-performance NMR technology accessible to more labs and researchers than ever before.

Tuesday 09 november 2021

11:00 PM CET

Key Topics

  • Faster experiments, reducing experiment times with gradients 
  • Cleaner experiments, reducing artifacts in spectra 
  • Additional experiments, selective excitation, diffusion, slice selection and more!

Who Should Attend

  • Laboratory Managers and Instructors 
  • Synthetic Chemists 
  • Analytical Chemists 
  • Process Control Scientists 
  • QA/QC staff in food & pharma sectors 
  • Researchers/analysts with interest in high-throughput screening 
  • Scientists interested in complementing their high-field NMR applications with benchtop instruments


Clemens Anklin

Vice President of NMR Applications and Training, Bruker BioSpin

Jeff Huber

Contributing Editor, C&EN Media Group