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APEX3 - Peak Performance, Unparalleled Ease of Use

Software is a crucial part of the investment in a crystallographic system. It provides the interface between you and your diffraction solution. With the new APEX3 software suite Bruker continues its long history of offering the most advanced software package for structure determination, from convenient sample centering to stunning reports, ready for publication.  

What does modern crystallographic software do for you?

  • APEX3 is the most comprehensive software package for single crystal X-ray diffraction (SC-XRD) using well tested first-class algorithms.
  • APEX3 handles the vast majority of crystallographic challenges, with the right level of automation for the novice, while providing detailed control for the seasoned crystallographer.
  • APEX3 is intuitive, easy to learn, professionally supported, and uses world-class algorithms and scientific engines.
  • APEX3 is designed following modern Graphical User Interface (GUI) guidelines. Most importantly, the information load reflects the problem, consistency is ensured and the output is clearly presented and self-explanatory.
  • APEX3 offers an unparalleled easy-to-use at all steps: from data collections and data integration to structure solution, refinement and structure publication.

The New Highlights

  • Most precise and accurate structures combining crystallographic and quantum chemical treatment of the organic solid state with IDEAL. IDEAL, the new add-on to the APEX3 suite, goes beyond the traditional, more than 50 years old Independent Atom Model (IAM) and models scattering contributions of bonds and lone pairs to improve structures, resulting in lower residual (R-) factors.
  • Intrinsic Phasing (ShelXT) solves the vast majority of structures in seconds with no space group input required.
  • Improved twin handling of up to eight domains with excellent graphical feedback and easy determination of the twin law.
  • New model refinement plugin for interactive graphical visualization of the three-dimensional structure including electron density and difference density maps.
  • Autostructure delivers the entirely correct structure in 87% of all cases.
  • XRD2 Routine to collect powder data from capillary or flat samples is now included.

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