APEX5 Software
APEX5 Software

APEX5 ソフトウェア

APEX offers an all-encompassing solution for crystallography, from instrument control to refined structure publication. World-class data processing engines are seamlessly integrated with a modern graphical interface providing an intuitive user experience - suitable for both novice and experienced crystallographers.

The Benefits of APEX5

The APEX5 software suite redefines the standard in single crystal X-ray diffraction, offering unparalleled data acquisition and processing speeds and capabilities, precise structure refinement, and seamless publication.



  • Future-Proof and Performance-Oriented, fully 64-bit compatible
  • CIRRUS is a new cloud-based sample management workflow for crystallography service providers.
  • Revolutionary automated structure determination with STRUCTURE NOW.
  • Reliable data collection strategy calculations, data integration, scaling and structure solution
  • Outstanding graphical user interface for model building, and refinement.
  • Integrated Database check for CSD, COD and local structures
  • Reciprocal Space Viewer - Unmatched Handling of Challenging Samples
  • By Crystallographers, for Crystallographers
  • CPU-intense tasks are fully parallelized
  • Installs with a single mouse click

CIRRUS - Cloud data exchange for Crystallography Service Providers

CIRRUS is a new cloud-based sample management workflow for crystallography service providers. It enables you to conveniently manage your users and their requested jobs in one place. This saves time and ensures your information is always accurate and up-to-date.

CIRRUS provides your users with standardized templates for sample submission, that are seamlessly imported to APEX5 ensuring you have all the details needed to start the experiment in APEX5.

CIRRUS benefits you and your users

  • User-friendly sample submission
  • Streamlined user and job management, efficient scheduling, and faster turnaround times
  • Paper-free digital sample management, saving time and improving information flow
  • Standardized forms ensure complete submissions for successful structural analysis
  • Seamless integration with APEX5 for convenient and error-free data transfer
  • Enhanced communication and data security, for improved user satisfaction



STRUCTURE NOWは、自動化された構造決定のための新しいプラグインです。最新の人工知能(AI)テクノロジーを適用して、ユーザーの構造決定を自動化します。プロセスを自動化すると、時間とエネルギーが節約され、作業が簡単になり、生産性と効率が向上します。

STRUCTURE NOWは、構造決定プロセスの進捗状況に関する継続的なフィードバックを提供します。必要なときにスマートな自動化を行い、必要なときにいつでも瞬時に制御できます。

Unlock the potential of APEX5 - Your gateway to enhanced crystallographic research and unparalleled performance.

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