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D8 VENTURE - An easy-to-use system in a cutting-edge environement


"As of day one, we achieved high-quality data sets from our organometallic samples using the D8 VENTURE. Changing the wavelength only takes a few minutes. We can measure our highly absorbing Bi- or Pb-complexes using Mo-radiation and in the next minute run a pure organic sample with Cu-radiation. We routinely determine the absolute configuration of these structures."

Prof. Ganesan Prabusankar, IIT Hyderabad

APEX4 for Synchrotons


"Within our research we often introduce complex molecular rearrangements into the samples exposing our crystals to external disturbances, such as gases or temperature changes. For the data processing, structure solution, refinement, and investigation we found the APEX4 software suite extremely helpful. APEX4 offers great engines to follow these changes on the structural level and, particularly, the visualization tools help us to better understand the processes involved. APEX4 can cope very well with the various frame formats we receive from the beam line. The package is very intuitive and therefore easy to learn, being a significant push for our capabilities to process challenging single crystal data."

Dr. Jose S. Costa, IMDEA Nanociencia

D8 VENTURE - Accelerating Research


“My dream is that porous materials can change the world. The crystals we’re investigating are highly porous, very small and highly unstable, so if you try to measure their structures on a traditional diffractometer they just change during the measurement.

Thanks to the D8 VENTURE, we’ve now repeatedly determined COF structures from such challenging crystals which was something we needed the synchrotron to do before. It takes less than an hour even for an extremely small crystal. Now, all my students can do experiments to study the material properties and relationships by themselves. It’s very, very important, both for the students and the research environment, to provide access to these advanced and specialized instruments. Producing good scientists is more important for us than producing good papers.”

Na Yu, Senior XRD Engineer, ShanghaiTech University, CN

D8 VENTURE with METALJET - Exceeding expectations


“We work at understanding the mechanisms underpinning basic biological processes of the cell at the atomic level. We decided to become the first installation of the D8 VENTURE with METALJET single crystal diffraction system in Europe. Today, the performance of the METALJET system impresses us daily and the system is exceeding our expectations. Besides featuring the very bright source, the D8 VENTURE hardware and PROTEUM2 software are straight forward to use.

The D8 VENTURE has become a more important asset than anticipated. Being able to screen and collect data in-house helps us to make key decisions much faster and elaborate strategies for our ongoing structure determination projects.”

Dr. Jérôme Basquin, Crystallization Facility, Max-Planck-Institute for Biochemistry, DE

Exceptional Productivity - A Fast and Efficient In-house Solution


“Since we’ve acquired our Bruker system we have come on leaps and bounds in terms of the speed of data acquisition and ease of use of the machine and the software. It used to take us over 3 days to collect a single dataset on one of our older systems and now we can do the same data collection in just under 3 hours. The quality of the data coming off the machine is remarkably high, easily beating anything we had collected ever before on an in-house X-ray source. This gave us the possibility to accurately measure the very small Sulphur anomalous signal for our SAD experiments.

We call it our in-house synchrotron because the data that we can acquire on it can be on par with the synchrotron data.”

Dr. Dima Chirgadze, University of Cambridge, UK

D8 QUEST - A System That Pushes the Limits


“Very recently we obtained our new D8 QUEST diffractometer. The air-cooled PHOTON 100 detector is very sensitive and has a large active area, the sealed-tube X-ray source we purchased enables us to collect data on relatively small, weakly diffracting crystals, and for non-experts the XPRESSO automation plug-in of APEX2 makes it very convenient to determine high-quality structures.

I want to encourage more researchers, crystallographers but also mineralogists, organic and inorganic chemists, physicist and pharmacists to take advantage of this great analytical method.

Also, the Bruker Users Group offers great access to peers who are happy to provide support, ideas and feedback whenever needed. This has proven to be an invaluable resource.”

Prof. Bohari M Yamin, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi, Malaysia

IYCr OpenLab - 120 Students selected to participate in Morocco’s OpenLabs


The organizers of the OpenLabs were positively surprised by more than 190 applicants. 120 doctoral students from all regions of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and other francophone regions of Africa received five days of intense training on the concepts of crystallography, X-ray diffraction and its applications for solving structures. Many doctoral students happily took the opportunity to prepare and run their samples on two Bruker diffractometers.


“This experience was a great success in Morocco and had a lot of echoes […] in Moroccan universities. We would be very happy, if we could get the possibility to organize another OpenLab with Bruker.”

Prof Abdelmalek THALAL, Président de l’Association Marocaine de Cristallographie

IYCr OpenLab - "I discovered a great new world of possibilities."


Students from across Latin America attended the Bruker supported OpenLab, in Montevideo and share their experience:


“It was great to have the possibility of actually do the whole process of measuring and refining by ourselves.”


“It also was a great deal to have let everyone measure their own crystals on a diffractometer.”


“As student of the course I can tell you that the experience was really rewarding. Everything was perfect and one could feel that nothing was done at random. We recently bought a D8 QUEST diffractometer and are solving difficult protein structures in-house, […] we are really happy with the equipment.”


“I was not very familiar with single crystal X-ray diffraction. So far, I’ve always worked with powder. I realized that there are many things that I can do and I did not know.”

SC-XRD Users Group - Your Worldwide Family in Crystallography

“The Bruker Users Group is a great forum to exchange ideas. […] Theory, software, hardware, and advanced experimental techniques are frequently and expertly discussed. Collectively, this group is the best crystallographer on the planet with a lot of prominent scientists contributing to the discussions. It is an invaluable resource to every practitioner of single-crystal X-ray analysis. All messages are relevant and right to the point which makes it a very efficient information well.”

“These interactions have led to collaborations and solutions that have pushed my research forward.”

“My job has been made simpler by the existence of this user group and I can’t imagine not having access to such a great resource.”

Dr. Ilia Guzei            Prof. Kayla N. Green            Prof. Nigam Rath

D8 VENTURE with METALJET - The best X-ray home source available to date


Interview with Ashwin Chari, Trevor Huyton, and Ulrich Steuerwald, about a new D8 VENTURE with METALJET at the Max-Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry


“The pressure to solve structures quickly is rapidly increasing – here, the new X-ray home source is a huge step forward to speed up this process because we can characterize crystals before synchrotron data collection. Thus, our measuring time there can be used much more efficiently or may, if one is really lucky, make the visit to the synchrotron beamlines even dispensable.”


“The Bruker Metaljet X-ray source generates X-rays overcoming the brightness limitations of conventional rotating anodes. It is basically comparable to second generation synchrotron sources!”

D8 VENTURE - The reliable, powerful, all air-cooled solution


“The most vital aspect for the successful study of metallo-supramolecular self-assemblies is the production of 3D crystal structures. […] The high X-ray intensity of the D8 VENTURE microfocus IµS Cu source facilitates our investigation of much smaller or much poorly diffracting crystals. […] Samples that we previously had to discard have often proved perfectly adequate for this new instrument. Thanks to the second source, a Mo IµS, the D8 VENTURE gives us significantly enhanced flexibility. The low power consumption of the instrument coupled with the absence of any water cooling makes the system extremely stable and reliable. […] I do not consider Bruker a company that only provides me with best instrumentation but part of the team that helps me generate those all-important results.”

Prof. Craig Rice, Huddersfied University, UK

The APEX3 Software Suite - Easy-to-use software package


“The APEX3 structure solution routines are extremely powerful and the subsequent model building and refinement can be easily accomplished. […] We are really impressed by APEX3’s large number of well-tested engines and routines. The new default matrix strategy (FAST SCAN) proved to be extremely useful, as within a short time we were able to check the crystal quality, determine the unit cell, and even obtain a preliminary structure. The latter is hugely helpful for quickly deciding whether to continue data collection or not. Also, we are extremely pleased with the performance of the D8 QUEST hardware. Our overall experience with the hardware, software, and application training has been excellent.”

Prof. Murugavel, Department of Chemistry at IIT Bombay

APEX2 software - Easy to use for the novice, feature rich for the experts


"Our new system is one of three single crystal diffractometers from Bruker that were bought within a short period of time.[…] Expert crystallographers appreciate the ability to fine-tune parameters of the underlying engines used at the different stages of the structure investigation process. Occasional users find the software easy to handle as it immediately gives access to tools for automated data collection and structure solution. The clear, in-depth presentations of the APEX2 software given by the application specialist were particularly useful, stimulating a critical analysis of the results. The training was conducted by very knowledgeable and friendly staff and left no questions unanswered.”

Dr. Stanislav Péchev, Institute of Condensed Matter Chemistry of Bordeaux - CNRS Bordeaux, France

D8 VENTURE - D8 Crystallography Solutions


“Our new D8 VENTURE is very user friendly and it is heavily used by the Department’s preparative chemists and for our high-accuracy single crystal diffraction experiments. The instrument serves also as an crucial component in the teaching crystallography at all levels. The APEX2 software nicely takes care about all parameters required for the different wavelengths and the entire data processing is easy to perform, nicely transparent and delivers good results in almost no time. Today, we can collect data from significantly smaller, weakly diffracting samples. We are really amazed and impressed to what extent the new D8 VENTURE has changed our daily scientific life.”

Prof. Sine Larsen, University Copenhagen, Denmark